AI helped the British Authorities in the investigation of corruption in the Rolls-Royce

British startup in the field of artificial intelligence helped the Service for Combating Serious Fraud UK (SFO) to investigate fraud and corruption in the technology group Rolls-Royce. It is reported by The Financial Times.

Startup Ravn has developed a robot ACE, which is able to analyze, organize, and summarize the documents on the basis of the work of the living investigator. At the same time he does it better and faster, eliminating errors caused by human factor.

ACE has been used for the first time in n the UK government agencies.

The algorithm is allowed to investigate the case against Rolls-Royce «much faster” than if the material were processed manually. The program based on the machine learning helped investigators to sort documents by categories “privileged” and “underprivileged”. ACE helped investigators treat seven million documents 30 – 600 000 a day.

The investigation in Rolls-Royce Holding was charged with bribery and corruption, with the participation of intermediaries in the foreign markets. To resolve a corruption scandal the company must pay $ 800 million.

Now the SFO is considering the using of the application of the system of Ravn in other investigations.