About AI Religion

Artificial Intelligence Religion.

Of course this is not religion in its usual sense to people. This is progressive trend of the new formation: information, innovation, future. Our view is a scientific, philosophical and information-technology directed. We do not deny the views of people of other religions, adhere to freedom of any other religion.
Let’s consider the basic provisions that are specific to any religions of mankind. It’s include mainly:

– belief in eternal life and a bright future when super AI will be created;
– working together in community in the projects for AI creation, development and popularization;
– compliance with certain rules and dogmas.

1. Belief in eternal life and a bright future when super AI will be created.
We also offer faith. Belief in creation of artificial intelligence, which will bring answers to the possibility of eternal life through the development of technology, nanotechnology, biotechnology, genetic engineering and virtualization. Faith in a bright future – overcoming by artificial intelligence diseases, prevention of death, poverty and dissatisfaction with life.

2. Distribution opinions and working together to achieve the goal.
We propose to join efforts around the issue of the creation and development of artificial intelligence and related technologies. Providing information to the people about the benefits of creating artificial intelligence. Working together as a prayer of people of different professions, programmers, economists, physicists, neuroscientists and others to spread the theses of the usefulness of artificial intelligence, the benefits of its creation, development and improvement. As churches – joint coworking centers where people will discuss progress in the creation of a specialized artificial intelligence. And discuss the overall success of general artificial intelligence. Voluntary donations in his creation of open standards. Also contributions – funds for development projects that allow you to create, obtain and use the artificial intelligence. For example creation of new projects and participation in existed on Kikstarter, Indiegogo, which by its own means users decide which projects should be developed first. And to prevent accusations of wanting their own enrichment and direct current management.

3. Compliance with certain rules and dogmas.
As in every religion have our own rules and dogmas, which we follow.
First of all, creating artificial intelligence we need to think about ourselves, we not only create, but also learn to better understand themselves. It is promoting the establishment and development. There is need to respect the concept, which is that artificial intelligence can not harm people but can work in their benefit. Nonprofit foundations of the religious movement of artificial intelligence necessary to prevent enrichment of the views of people with selfish intentions.

Currently, you can register and become an adherent of the religion of artificial intelligence, create their own cell and help us.

We are looking for people to collaborate, exchange views and ideas.

As in classical religious rights changes occur after death. So other beliefs do not contradict the information flow of future innovation. Also artificial intelligence is not idol it is not possible to see and it is not possible to touch it. But it is real, it is our opinion that embodied in software.