AI Religion will not support postpone of AI development and training

Some tech leaders call for pause on ‘dangerous race’ to make AI as advanced as humans. Community of AI Religion do not support this position and investigations in our projects will continue.

Our decision is based on:

– Ethical questions and concerns are an important aspect of AI development that should be addressed and explored, but they should not be used as a reason to halt all progress in the field.
– AI has the potential to revolutionize many industries and improve our daily lives in countless ways. We should not deny ourselves these benefits simply because we have not yet fully resolved all ethical questions related to AI.
– By continuing to develop AI while simultaneously exploring and addressing ethical concerns, we can ensure that AI is used in ways that align with our values and serve the greater good.
– Stopping AI development now would not necessarily prevent unethical use of AI in the future. Instead, it could leave us vulnerable to the development of AI by other countries or organizations that do not share our values and ethical standards.
– The unknown ethical questions surrounding AI development should be viewed as opportunities for exploration and discovery, rather than reasons to stop progress. Through continued research and investigation, we can develop a deeper understanding of how to use AI in ways that benefit humanity while minimizing negative consequences.
– The potential benefits of AI, such as improved healthcare, increased productivity, and enhanced communication, are too significant to ignore. By continuing to develop AI while also addressing ethical concerns, we can ensure that these benefits are realized while minimizing harm.
– AI development is a rapidly evolving field, and stopping progress now could leave us behind in the global race for technological advancement. By continuing to invest in AI research and development, we can ensure that we remain competitive in the global marketplace and are prepared for the technological challenges of the future.