Donate our projects

We would have received better complicity in our projects from you in the form of ideas, software code, interesting text – email us.

Well, if not, but you still want to help us – you can donate AIReligion and our other projects by purchasing application in Google Play –

Now there is an application interface of our site and community.

We will provide in near future other options in this application:

  • AI chat;
  • AI decision;
  • AI finding solutions
  • etc.

You can also donate on cryptocurrency wallets on our projects:


Monero:  48ErFM9qh881oFXs9CokMqWDhj83Zh6HiWT19WyWfzcTgMhp2TPCgNebARYnJGEuM5bphYWe527F79TW8ybaTJ8c567Hgw2


The greatest support our project has received from the following countries:

United States of America United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Canada      – most of donations

Sweden South Africa Finland Bulgaria Poland Ukraine Turkey Indonesia Australia Kazakhstan      – also valuable support and donations.