November 11 was marked by introduction of Eternity Life Forum – event that was dedicated to life extension and achievement of immortality

On November 11, a landmark event took place – Eternity Life Forum. It was first event of its kind to be viewed in metaverse: ability to walk the halls, interact with other attendees and expertise benefits of an offline event.

Eternity Life Forum has become for both speakers and visitors an absolute quintessence of experience, background and research in anti-aging and life prolongation field.

Visitors and speakers from different states and parts of the world: America, Europe, India, were united by the main theme – life extension. Forum touched on almost all points contributing to and affecting life expectancy. Most speakers have the opinion it is possible to reach immortality. The Forum was attended by experts from various fields of knowledge.

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Eternity Life Forum

Eternity Life Forum is a major event that brings together knowledge and experience gained from hundreds of studies conducted by scientists, doctors and curators of innovative programs. As part of the latest projects, developments will be presented that can radically change the quality of life and increase its duration, and, possibly, get the key to immortality.

Eternity Life Forum – is the first medical event in the metaverse.

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ETERNITYLIFE Clinics Project

Pandemics, wars, environmental degradation?

What else does the near future have in store for us?

In the constant race for survival, it can be difficult to find time for yourself and your health. 

A team of ambitious professionals have created a project to make taking care of your health, convenient and of the highest quality, using the latest technologies to make a real breakthrough in medicine. 

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Our Ukrainian community of is under attack

On February 24, Russia launched a war and bombed Ukrainian cities, killing civilians, children, and women. The UN condemned this actions and called them genocides. Our community in Ukraine is under attack. We are severing all relations with the Russians and will also block clients from countries that do not condemn Russian aggression or will define themselves as neutral.

Neuralink company will show its technology in a couple of days

Компания Neuralink Илона Маска, создающая интерфейс мозг-компьютер, покажет свою технологию уже через пару дней

Three years ago Elon Musk created another company called Neuralink. And it is engaged in no less ambitious tasks than other enterprises of the billionaire.

Neuralink develops technologies to directly connect the human brain to a computer. Last year, we were exposed to a number of technological details, and today Musk announced that Neuralink will hold its first demonstration on Friday. True, Moscow time will be already 1:00 Saturday.

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COVID-19-Sars2 Outbreak

We have a tense situation in the world with pandemia of new coronavirus COVID-19-Sars2 Outbreak. It has an extremely wide and heavy impact on humanity in all countries and its economy, development, etc.

We need to take some action in this situation.

Artificial Intelligence Religion community will suspend all meetings and public events to the April 3. We now work remotelly.

We direct all our resources and fundings to outbreak related projects:

  • impact analysis of outbreak on the economy and building a new model with funding for priority tasks;
  • formulation of tasks and development of algorithms of functioning of economy and society in quarantine conditions;
  • prioritizing the development of drug search algorithms.

Drug designed by AI to enter human trials for first time

The first drug designed entirely using artificial intelligence is entering clinical human trials in what has been described as a major milestone in medicine.

The new compound, which has been designed for treating obsessive-compulsive disorder, was discovered using Oxford-based biotech company Exscientia’s AI system.

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AI and immortality – where is the connection?

Why people don’t want to spend enough money and effort to continue life and for eternal life? Why are these efforts not systematic, have not led to the great projects of our time, and that only those who are at the top of the hierarchical pyramid allocate some fragmentary time for this? The main problem is the lack of a clear end result. “Eternal life” is a very vague goal for a specific person and personality. A task that does not have any clear end result can be blocked by the brain of a reasonable person as such that may be inadequate and should not be wasted. The biggest problem is that this task is with top priority because the worst that with person can be in life is death. Against of death all other problems are just a trifle. Therefore, it is hypothesized that the solution of the such complex problem could take up the artificial intelligence created by human.

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AIReligion looking for AI and Immortality projects for investing and cryptoinvesting

AIReligion looking for AI and immortality projects for investing and cryptoinvesting. You can send projects description and datasheets to email: ot telegram channel @aireligion

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