Neuralink company will show its technology in a couple of days

Компания Neuralink Илона Маска, создающая интерфейс мозг-компьютер, покажет свою технологию уже через пару дней

Three years ago Elon Musk created another company called Neuralink. And it is engaged in no less ambitious tasks than other enterprises of the billionaire.

Neuralink develops technologies to directly connect the human brain to a computer. Last year, we were exposed to a number of technological details, and today Musk announced that Neuralink will hold its first demonstration on Friday. True, Moscow time will be already 1:00 Saturday.

Elon Musk’s Neuralink company, which creates a brain-computer interface, will show its technology in a couple of days
It is unclear exactly what will be shown to us, but Musk specified that this will be some kind of second version of the Neuralink robotic installation.

Recall that at the time of the first experiments on rats, the company was able to implant up to 1500 electrodes into the brain of an animal, each of which is four times thinner than a human hair. The data processor is capable of processing information from 10,000 electrodes. Its dimensions are 4 x 4 mm.

Source: Twitter