Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Go to Japan

A recent announcement indicates that, “UBIC, Inc. (UBIC) (TSE:2158) (“UBIC” or “the Company”), a leading provider of AI-based, big data analysis services, and BI.Garage, Inc. (“BI.Garage”) announced today that they have formed a business alliance to provide a social networking site (SNS) marketing support service that combines BI.Garage’s expertise in social media marketing and UBIC’s artificial intelligence (AI) technology. This will be the first AI-based SNS marketing support service in Japan. Initially, BI.Garage will equip Tweetmanager, a Twitter account operation support tool that it has developed and provided since 2009, with a new function to work in collaboration with UBIC’s Virtual Data Scientist (VDS) and related technologies. VDS technology allows Tweetmanager to quickly analyze the massive volume of text posted on Twitter. Companies using Tweetmanager will be able to analyze their marketing strategies by reviewing and incorporating the information provided by VDS related to Twitter users. Companies with access to this user information will be able to make more effective business actions.”

The announcement also includes, “As a result of increased use of SNS in recent years, many companies and organizations have been attracted by the marketing potential of SNS, and are operating SNS accounts through various platforms, such as Twitter. Meanwhile, since processing and analyzing the huge volume of text data available on SNS requires a tremendous amount of time and expense as well as knowledge and experience, there are practical limits to using SNS accounts for marketing purposes.”