AIcoin – One of The First Artificial Intelligence Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, Trading and ICO attempt

AICoin is an investment vehicle based on the power of artificial intelligence. Read our AICoin review today to find out how it works.

AICoin is a passive investment vehicle that combines artificial intelligence with crowd-based wisdom in order to generate profits for coin holders and investors.

The AICoin ICO was scheduled throughout July and August, including pre-sales and bonus periods.

But still no good news from the project and role of aicoins for development of AI. We also review this project for best understanding of role of cryptocurrency for AI.

The ultimate goal of AICoin was claimed as to enable investors to build wealth through artificial intelligence and the blockchain. It allows individual investors to become part of a collective. Here’s how the official website describes it:

“AICoin is specifically designed to benefit individual investors by allowing them to become part of a collective. This collective is created with the recognition that to hold investments in other companies and hold assets with value, a framework must be built that recognizes and respects the rights of all owners of this collective.”

A digital token called AICoin lies at the center of the ecosystem. The ICO was scheduled to begin on July 18.

AICoin plans to make money, as mentioned above, using the power of artificial intelligence combined with the wisdom of the crowd.

Specifically, AICoin will use artificial intelligence to fuel short-term gains, giving the organization enough fuel to drive their long-term vision of becoming a successful seed investor in the blockchain and AI space.

Ongoing profits from AI trading activities are fed into an investment pool used to finance positions in early stage companies.

To participate in AICoin, you’ll need to purchase their PoS tokens, AICoins. You send coins to your wallet, then earn high yielding interest in exchange for saving your coins and securing the network.

As the organization earns a profit, funds are funneled to AICoin token holders.

How do crowd wisdom and blockchain technology fit into all of this? The wisdom of the crowd will be measured via the blockchain. The community will be polled in regards to investment decisions. The community will be asked to vote on investment decisions that benefit the AICoin ecosystem and the cryptocurrency ecosystem as a whole.

AICoin makes frequent mentions of its “two stage plan” for generating profit. The first stage involves using the AI to generate short-term profits, while the second stage involves using community-driven voting to make intelligent investment decisions in the AI and blockchain technology industries.

The community will be presented with five companies every quarter. They can vote on which company represents the best investment, or pick the sixth option – which involves choosing none of the companies. All five opportunities are fully vetted by the investment board, which includes two appointed seats and a third seat elected by coin holders. Both appointed seat members have years of industry experience and are leaders in their respective industries.

The important thing to note about AICoin is that the company is wholly owned by coin holders. This is different from conventional venture capital organizations.

The primary role of AICoin tokens is to contribute them to the fund and participate in profit sharing.

However, the coin can also be traded for stocks, futures, and commodities on the First Global Credit trading platform. AICoin was created by First Global Credit, a Switzerland and London-based financial company. That company is also ready to buy back coins at 5% under the coin’s book value if necessary to provide liquidity.

Obviously, if you’ve been around the blockchain community a few months, then you probably think AICoin sounds familiar: it sounds similar to Iconomi. What’s the difference between the two platforms?

AICoin is an active trading model that looks for inefficiencies it can exploit in cryptocurrency markets to generate excess returns. Iconomi, on the other hand, is a basket of digital assets that is periodically rebalanced to adjust to market cap.

Another important difference between the two is the investment pool, where token holders vote on investment decisions. The AICoin community chooses the best seed investments in the fields of AI and blockchain, creating a stronger set of portfolio companies “than even the best VC’s”, explained the founders in a recent Reddit AMA.

AICoin was created by First Global Credit, a company that appears to have offices in Geneva, Switzerland and Surrey, UK.

The company’s LinkedIn page describes it as “the world’s first finance company that brings the profit opportunities available in the mainstream markets within the reach of those holding digital currency.”

The company was founded by risk management specialist Gavin Smith and financial data security company director Marcie Terman. The team has a collective 35 years of experience building and managing trading and back office systems for trading companies operating in London and Geneva.

First Global Credit was established in 2014.

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