In the B2B supply chain, technology is introducing significant improvements to the way businesses deal with each other. SaaS and Big Data have both played a role in making the supply chain more efficient. Hitachi’s new technology is propelling B2B supply chain technology even further with its new innovation — and one that is likely to impact more B2B business processes than supply chain management.

On Friday (Sept. 4), Japan-based technology conglomerate Hitachi revealed that it has developed supply chain artificial intelligence (AI) to help businesses manage their work orders and gain deeper insight into demand fluctuations.

According to reports, Hitachi’s AI uses Big Data, aggregated from corporate systems, and other technologies to improve supply chain management efficiency by 8 percent. Hitachi said its development of the AI progresses the use of information technology innovations in the workplace.

A look at the technology from says Hitachi’s innovation automates the selection of the appropriate data from Big Data to predict and respond to changes in demand, both expected and unexpected.

This ability, experts say, will be key in the success of business use of Big Data. Recent analysis on the industry suggests that while corporations are upping their use of Big Data, it is becoming more difficult for them to assess which data is useful to their operations.

Reports said the technology was demonstrated through integrating the AI with a warehouse management system. The AI measured item collection efficiency and, through its use of Big Data analytics, reported reduced work time by 8 percent.

Hitachi is said to be exploring how this AI can be applied to other aspects of the enterprise, including manufacturing, distribution and finance. The company did not reveal, however, when this technology will be available to business users.