Artificial Intelligence for the first time was able to enter to the university

The program showed an average result.
A team of scientists from Japan has established a program of AI, which is the first time the test was able to overcome the barrier for entry into Japanese universities, writes The Wall Street Journal.
Moreover, artificial intelligence showed results above the normal figure, gaining 511 points instead of 416 points (average of the results of entrants). The maximum possible was 910 points.

According to the publication, experts from the National Institute of Informatics of Japan planned to achieve this result only in 2021, however, underestimate their own capabilities.
So this year the AI ​​could be adopted at the most prestigious university in Japan – Tokyo University. In addition, as noted by the developers of the program could be credited in any and 441 private educational institutions and 33 state with 80 percent probability.

At this stage of development for the better, according to experts, the AI ​​is to improve their results in physics.
It developed the world’s first keyboard with artificial intelligence
This is not the first attempt to prepare the Japanese program for higher education institutions.
Two years ago, scientists made a similar attempt, it is true, then the result was slightly below average.