Experts Call for Ban on Sex Robots with Artificial Intelligence in Fear of Intensifying Objectification

Experts Call for Ban on Sex Robots with Artificial Intelligence in Fear of Intensifying Objectification


As advancements in robot technology and artificial intelligence achieve a milestone every day, sex toy industry is not spared from the trend. Recently a New Jersey-based company True Companion announced that it will soon launch the world’s first sex robot called Roxxxy, which has artificial intelligence.

However some experts don’t think it is a good idea to offer sex robots with artificial intelligence. On Tuesday, a group of experts launched a campaign against the use of sex robots, claiming that such introduction could worsen the problem of objectification of women and children.

The leader of the campaign Dr Kathleen Richardson, who is a robot ethicist at De Montfort University in Leicester, said it is unnecessary and also undesirable to use technology in such a way, BBC reported.

that they draw on- how they will look, what roles they would play- are very disturbing indeed. We think that the creation of such robots will contribute to detrimental relationships between men and women, adults and children, men and men and women and women” she told the BBC. She added that the use of sex robots would reduce the idea of a relationship to the physical aspect only. Richardson also noted that the reason why they launched such a campaign was to raise awareness and to urge the manufacturers to reconsider the way they use the technology.

On the other hand, the manufacturers do not agree with the experts. BBC reported the chief executive of True Companion Douglas Hines defended his company and said: ”We are not supplanting the wife or trying to replace a girlfriend. This is a solution for people who are between relationships or someone who has lost a spouse. People can find happiness and fulfilment other than via human interaction.”

BBC reports Roxxxy will be sold for 7,000 dollars and has already attracted thousands of pre-orders.

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