The Nimbus AIReligion Project

The Nimbus is a new project for super AI realisation, that means new type of artificial intelligence assistant in real life. Drone above the head with cameras, GPS, Wi-Fi, CPU and application with self training AI.

The Nimbus is a new generation of virtual personal assistance with artificial intellect software based on neural networks and self-training. Hardware realization is in drone, that flying near the current people, for which AI assistant belong. The drone has cameras, mini pc with CPU, memory and wireless connection with Internet. Like Google Now it collects information about their user, assist with information for events, train its own neural network for useful information solutions and habits. The advantage of this solution is in permanent training of assistant not on some device such a smartphone, notebook or watch.

The drone communicates with user on the first stage with voice commands and information’s. It can inform user about weather, last news, todo list, best decision for health control, job, hobbies.

Idea and concept financing … Ok
Science publication and investigation financing … Ok
Promo video and posters creation … in progress
Hardware … in progress
Software … in progress

Mail if you want to help or donate.

You can donate AIReligion and our Nimbus project by purchasing application in Google Play –