Toyota Invests in AI Car’s SKYNET

Toyota is investing $ 1 billion in research company that has been developing in the field of artificial intelligence and robotics. This initiative is a continuation of the company’s endeavors to create futuristic cars of the future, as well as ideas on how to implement new technologies in everyday life. One of the aims of the Japanese automotive giant is to create machines that can prevent mistakes¬†and reduce the number of drivers of accidents on the roads.

Toyoda Akio (Akio Toyoda), president of Toyota Motor Corp. ¬†announced on Friday that the company will begin its work on car’s AI in January next year on the branch of the company settles in Silicon Valley near Stanford University building, where 200 employees work. Her second office will be located not far from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge (MIT).
Earlier, Toyota has already informed that on the development of artificial intelligence in Stendforte and MIT released $ 50 million. Now they added another 1 billion, which will be distributed to five years of research firm.
The efforts of employees Toyota Research Institute Inc. will be mainly aimed at creating security systems to help reduce the number of deaths on the roads, which now stands at 1.25 million annually. But apart from this technology will be developed, aimed at to make life easier for elderly drivers, which is especially important for older nations of Western Europe and Japan, which is the largest market for Toyota.

“They used to say that if in the 24-hour race will surpass manned drone cars, I accept fully automated vehicles,” said Akio Toyoda, adding, however, that his views have changed. “A hundred years ago to replace the horses came cars, because people love them and are interested in them more than horses. One hundred years later, I would like to see people still loved them. ”
As one of the leading car manufacturers in the world, Toyota is already using modern computers and robotic arms in the auto industry, which fastens parts and perform including paint work.