Yamaha presents the robot motorbot capable of controlling a motorcycle

Company Yamaha presenting a humanoid robot that can drive a motorcycle on Tokyo Automotive exhibition. This robot is called Motobot controls not only the drain conventional motorcycle, but also quite powerful model Рliter sport Yamaha YZF-R1M released in 2015.

The company for several years, work is underway to create a robot that can manage catabatic motorcycles on the track. Unfortunately, details about Motobot little is known – is mentioned only that driving a motorcycle at high speeds requires the coordinated work of a multitude of complex and high-precision systems.

The company aims not to create robots that will drive motorcycles instead of people, and the development of pilot assistance systems, such as common support systems, implemented in all modern cars.

“We want to apply the basic technology and know-how resulting from this experiment, to create new safety systems and help the pilot. In the future, these developments will be spent on the development of existing businesses and the opening of the new “, – said in a press release.

However, in a promotional video where Motorboat voice says, while very little computer and adolescence, he argues that “has been created to surpass you.” Keeping in mind, of course, people.

One of the first if not the first autonomous motorcycle, was based device pit bike just from company Yamaha – “Ghostrider”, which is a dedicated team preparing for the entrance competition DARPA Grand Challenge in 2004.